What a great furnace

My wife and I are both very busy people. I have two full time jobs because I’m paying off my student loans still, and my wife started her own business a few years ago. She’s at the point now where she is almost completely able to live just on her business income alone, but she still does have a random freelance job that she does on the side. We really only see each other in the evenings and on Sundays. Sundays are usually the days we do things together just the two of us. Occasionally we have to do some things on Sundays that we don’t want to do like gardening or cleaning because we haven’t had enough time during the week to do everything. When our HVAC system needed service, we had a really hard time deciding who was going to stay home and meet the technician. The HVAC company that we hired (like most) didn’t do appointments on the weekends, so one of us was going to have to stay home during the week one day to take care of it. We went back and forth about it at first, thinking we both had the more important schedule. We both had to walk away and think about it for a while because we both thought we had the right of way, so to speak. At the end of the day, we knew we had to stick together. We were a team. We both stayed home to wait for the HVAC guy to come over and service our heating and cooling system, and we got an extra day to be together.

HVAC maintenance