Why won’t this guy calm down

I have been trying to make a successful podcast for over a year now, but nothing I do seems to work. I have tried a few different topics and formats, but I can’t seem to attract any regular listeners. It is very annoying, to know what you want to do but keep failing at it! I think my luck is turning around, because I might have stumbled into success without really trying. My buddy wanted to try his hand at podcasting, and asked me to help him out a co-host. He wanted my experience to help him craft a great show, so I agreed. The thing is, my buddy owns an HVAC repair business and furnace dealership, and that’s what he wanted the podcast to be about. I do not know the first thing about air conditioning or heating, all I know is how to turn on the thermostat, but I agreed to help him. The format of the show is to discuss common problems people have with their HVAC systems, and then giving advice on how to fix it.  He knew that modern HVAC systems are incredibly complex, but that there were a few handy pointers that could help out almost everyone. And what do you know, this little AC advice talk show found an audience almost immediately! The fact that I knew so little about HVAC was not a problem at all, because it allowed me to ask questions that most people would ask. I never thought that my first successful podcast would be about heating and cooling systems!

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