A guest home and great service

I take karate lessons once a week. I appreciate doing it because it is a fantastic workout, I am learning useful things, and I appreciate the crew I go with–every one of us all make it an event when we go! Afterwards we do supper and then hang out at somebody’s favorite place. But the karate lesson used to be where the guy lived, and he lived at an extravagant townhouse building that had a fitness room. The room was small, however it had quality cooling. The air conditioning felt nice while we were actually working on kicks and hand strikes. Eventually, it got so hot that we fogged the mirror, however it was not too bad. The teacher now has moved to a new townhouse building. There is no work out room. He also lives on the second floor… So we can’t do the lesson right in front of his building. What we have been doing is going to his buddy’s house. His friend has a backyard and garage that is undoubtedly spacious. The only issue is that the sun beats down and there is no AC. There is not even air conditioning in the garage. Grabbing, punching and kicking in 86 degree weather is tough. I get so hot that the sweat runs into my eyes and burns them. I get overheated to the point of passing out each week. It is horrible. I have truthfully thought about bringing fans or maybe my window A/C from my condo to put in their garage. Every one of us really could use anything in terms of cooling for our lessons.

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