Allergies and the time of year

I had to go out of state for a funeral last month. Of course, this meant being in a hotel.  The complication was, there was only a single hotel in the entire small town. And it was an antique hotel too, protected by the historical society. There were some websites claiming the hotel might be haunted. I didn’t see the ghosts but I did suffer with some of the hotel’s ridiculous amenities. The lavatory was tiny and our lavatory door didn’t close all of the way. There were just 3 outlets in the entire room and, worst of all, was the air conditioning. Because the hotel was a historic building, it could not receive any real renovations without getting approval.  Because of this, our only air conditioning in the room was provided by this noisy mobile air conditioner. The mobile air conditioner took up so much space and looked totally out of place in this historic hotel. The thing was connected to the only window in our room by more than one adjustable hose and then duct taped into the window. Overall, I would say the air conditioning unit lowered the ambiance of the room by 1 or more stars. I couldn’t help wonder if that was actually the ONLY choice the hotel had for cooling their guests and still maintain the building’s historic standards. The hallways and foyer of our hotel were tepid and humid as there was simply no air conditioning at all in any of these areas. I’d like to think I will never be returning to that hotel.  But, it is the only 1 for about 30 miles and we have family in the area. I suppose we may have to visit again sometime.