Austin and the culture

Austin is a growing, thriving and colorful city in the TX Hill Country. Known worldwide as the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin provides plenty to do and see.  There’s plenty of opportunity to do nothing and relax as well. Much of the TX Hill Country is desert-like. There is a great deal of unspoiled land in this region on the country.   Austin also features a lot more than desert. Just a short ways away from the dry hilly areas, there are a number of beautiful lakes and rivers. Some of the waterways in and around Austin are the CO River, Lake Travis, Lady Bird Lake, and Union Creek.  McKinney Falls State Park is a great place to visit. Austin has been awarded a number of official and unofficial nicknames during its history. Along with the LIve Music Capital of the World, it has also been called The City of the Violet Crown and also, Silicon Hills. There have been tons of names over the years.  Th is a testament to Austin’s wide diversity. Austin is a city with a broad culture that continues to grow and transform. There are people from everywhere who call Austin their home. People from all nations and faiths live together here.

The TX Rangers are located here in the Hill Country.  You’ve probably seen them depicted on TV. The Rangers were started by Steven F. Austin. The city is named after him. Whether you are looking for outdoor sport, museums, parks, lakes, rivers or good food, Austin delivers.

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