Ductwork cleaning tips

Last week our HVAC unit broke and I was trying to find an HVAC repair company. My hubby suggested I look at reviews online. I was ecstatic that he proposed I do that because I immediately found that a bunch of them had excruciating reviews even though their prices were legitimately low. I didn’t necessarily want to go with the lowest price, although I wanted the best quality HVAC air conditioning repair for a sufficient price! I legitimately decided to check out the reviews for the place with the man with the nasty attitude, however surprisingly, people were legitimately satisfied with the service. They said that once you got past some of the rude call reps, the HVAC specialists were entirely unbelievable and the price wasn’t over the top! I thought that was crazy, although I decided to go with them and give them a good fair shot. The reviews were legitimately accurate because the HVAC specialist who came over did a wonderful job. He took the job extremely seriously and explained to us in detail what was going on with our HVAC unit and how much it would cost to fix it. He also said he could get us a wonderful deal on air duct cleaning services. My husband and I were so satisfied with his job that the two of us arranged for the air duct cleaning as well! Was so glad I did this!

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