Getting electric to our home

My beach beach house office is in a refurbished room of the house. Just looking at it, you can tell that it clearly used to be screened-in porch, that was later turned into an additional spare room. I had constantly thought for the first few weeks that the reason it was drafty was due to all of the windows as well as the peculiar shape. It’s fairly cut off from the rest of the house, so it doesn’t get much heat from the layout. Fortunately, the room has its own Heating as well as A/C zone control with even a strange type of heating than the rest of the house. While the beach house regular runs on oil heater, the spare room runs on an electric heating system system. Finally once Winter time gave way to Spring, I decided to investigate the problem. It turns out the door was never properly sealed… The people I was with and I suspect it was the easily same door from the original screened-in porch in the 60s. Rather than take it off as well as apply the gaskets, the older owners simply took some kind of industrial felt as well as nailed it in long strips around the edges of the door with tiny decorative nails. Like trying to put a door sock around an entire door! Now that it’s warmer, we’ve taken the whole thing off as well as just left the screen door shut. Rehabbing the door was entirely simple, both of us just brought it out to the driveway as well as followed an instructional video with parts of the hardware store. We’re hoping this easy improvement will help keep the spare room warmer this winter, as well as save us a few dollars on the central heating system bill.