Heat and AC

Tonight I took out more than one youngest children out to supper while their siblings were in a class. I never take these more than one out by themselves, and now I remember why! They had the worst behavior ever in the restaurant, and I was thoroughly embarrassed by the way that they both acted! First of all, as soon as every one of us walked in the door, our child said, “Ugh! This arena smells!” And she said it particularly loudly; She wasn’t wrong; the air quality of the restaurant did leave something to be desired. Next, our child started complaining about the air conditioner in the arena – or should I say, the lack of air conditioner. She piped up, “Yeah, it aromas in here and it’s super boiling and stuffy! Doesn’t this arena have any cooling system? What kind of arena doesn’t have air conditioner? Why is the heating on in the middle of summer? Why isn’t there any cooling system coming through the air vents?” It was just ridiculous. No matter how many times I told them to be quiet, they just kept on complaining about the aroma of the air coming through the ventilation method and the noticeable lack of cooled air from the air conditioner, then don’t even get me started on how disappointing their table manners were! It was disappointing enough listening to them say things to the hostess like, “Can you check the temperature control?” and “Can you please tell the supervisor to split the cooling system on? It’s enjoy a oil furnace in this arena!” I don’t suppose if I’ll ever take them to supper again without our partner there to back me up on the manners situation. Rotten youngsters.

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