How fantastic

My dad is one of the sharpest people I have ever known! While his grades in school weren’t great, his SAT scores were amazing, and it’s easy to see why. He excels at problem solving and can learn the protocal for just about anything, any car our family members have owned, he’s bought a shop manual for and fixed all on his own. He’s seldom needed the advice for a mechanic, and one of the only times he was forced to call one was because he needed to rent a small crane to pull the engine block out of his old truck–it was too heavy for even me and my neighborhood pals to play tug-o-war with and get out of the chassis. Once in a while, I’ll figure out a solution when he is unsure of something, and he’s regularly amazed by my resourcefulness in those moments, however I tell him I get it from him, and it’s true. I’ve regularly been there to give him a hand, pass him the right wrench or help sand something down so he can do the job a little faster. From cars to furniture to tile floors, he’s seen and done it all, but he’s never been an HVAC technician. He once helped my uncle build a whole log skidder out of scrap cars, but a heating and cooling system? Even that, he insists is for the professionals. He still knows more than most in the matter, and if he can easily access it and check the HVAC unit ducts for leaks and patch them on his own. But he still calls to have his central heating and a/c system professionally inspected.

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