HVAC repairs

Several days ago, I noticed a Heating plus A/C repair truck parked in the across the street! While this would not normally be an odd occurrence, it seemed to be parked in the same spot all day long. During this time, I did not see anyone leave or enter the Heating plus A/C repair truck, and the repair truck was still sitting across the street. When I woke up the next morning, I told my sweet hubby about the truck over dinner. Although, he did not seem to be certainly confused about the mysterious Heating plus A/C repair truck. When he was walking out the front door, he told me and others the truck was still sitting there. I was uneasy that something might be very wrong, so I decided to call a few neighbors to get to the bottom of the problem. So then, when I called a few of our neighbors hoping someone would have an answer to the odd dilemma, none of our them seemed to have any information  about the mysterious truck as well. However on the seventh call, Janet told us and others a pretty revealing story. The Heating plus A/C repair truck had been there over the weekend, because Janet plus her husband Gary were having trouble with the air conditioning system device at their home! Unfortunately, the truck wouldn’t start when the Heating plus A/C specialist was getting ready to leave. The specialist had to call someone to pick him up, plus the company had to call for a tow truck. Because it take a special type of tow truck to pick up these types of job vans, they were still waiting on someone to pick up the Heating plus A/C repair truck. The truck did not get moved until Wednesday day.

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