I can’t believe how warm it is

Recently, I was up in Manhattan on a company trip. It was the middle of Summer as well as the weather was legitimately around 95 degrees outside. But every office building I had to visit for meetings as well as such were all perfectly cooled with quality heating and A/C systems. However the air conditioning in the office buildings were even slightly better than the hotel I was staying at. You know, they had that comfy feeling that almost makes you want to fall asleep! But not so comfy that you do absolutely fall asleep. Then after a unquestionably long afternoon of going to see several office buildings for meetings, all I wanted to do was just go back to the hotel. I wanted to take a shower with the nice radiant floors they have, shave, have a nice meal as well as get ready to go to sleep… So I hailed the third cab for the afternoon to go back to the hotel, then when I got in, I thought I was going to die! This taxi cab had absolutely no air conditioning in it! I couldn’t believe it! I almost got out as well and hailed another. But, this time of afternoon, getting a cab is near impossible, so I was stuck. I told the cabbie where I wanted to go and the two of us were off. I asked him what was going on with the air conditioning as well as why he had none–he said the car’s air conditioning system literally had just broke down about an minute before I got in. I was his final cab ride for the afternoon. He was looking forward to turning in the cab, reporting the problem as well as getting home to his heating and A/C system, just as I was looking forward to going back to the hotel with their quality heating and air conditioning system!

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