I carefully planned my vacation

I’d like to think of myself as the middle ground of everything, personified. Politically, I’m centrist. In balancing my home and work life, I tend to keep the two perfectly balanced. My fence-riding approach to life has done a lot of favors for me, but it’s also left me indecisive on some matters. For example, I recently had to plan out a trip to the western United States to visit some friends, and do some traveling on my own. I love to hike, so I wanted to spend a day or two in the arid desert, checking out canyons and ravines. When it came to booking a place to stay though, I couldn’t make up my mind. On one hand, I could stay in a hotel that had room air conditioners, which worked great for keeping the immediate room cool and comfortable. That’s based on my experience in the eastern side of the country, where the humidity is much higher – it might not be ideal to use that kind of system in a dry climate. That’s why I was also looking at staying in a small bungalow that uses evaporative cooling systems to keep the house comfortable and breathable, all without sacrificing a ton of electricity. Every time I tried to find a deal-breaking quality, I would end up even more confused about which option was better! The bungalow wasn’t equipped with any fancy smart thermostats, but the air conditioning system was also infinitely quieter and hardly noticeable when it was running. Meanwhile, the hotel with room air conditioners had smart thermostats in every room, which allowed guests to sync their phones to the thermostat and change the temperature from their phone. That sounded great for night-time use, when I’d surely wake up feeling colder than expected and needed to heat the room up. What’s a guy supposed to do when two options are equally appealing?