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My father loved to have family and friends over for a traditional backyard BBQ, but over the years his annual event had actually grown to the point that over a hundred people would come over for our father’s celebration. He would plan the event for days, writing lists for the grocery store and the liquor store as well. He always planned his celebration for the last Tuesday in June. Everyone knew this was the date for my father’s bash. This most current party was even more special than any before. The weatherman called for really hot and humid weather conditions for the weekend of the BBQ. My dad had prepared for rain in the past but had not had to do anything concerning heat and humidity. Still, he came up with a great plan. He rented a gigantic tent that took up most of our backyard! He even had a dance floor located at one end of the big rectangular shaped tent. To me though, the most unique  aspect of the whole party was that my Dad had the sense of mind to rent a huge portable Air Conditioner unit! This giant box looking unit was stationed in one area of the tent and an exhaust hose that ran outside. Thanks to my Dad’s quick thinking, it was a truly amazing celebration! Everyone ate, drank and even danced that evening in almost complete comfort. The unit was most noticeable when you had to exit the tent for whatever reason and were immediately blasted with the humidity outside the tent. My father’s Summer celebration has always been a good event and now it would always be remembered as the best outdoor celebration in the comfort of Air Conditioner.