I do have enough dough

I’m envious of my sibling and her hubby. They live off of the grid and provide for themselves off of the land. They own just about 75 acres and have a dirt road leading to their beautiful property! Wells, septic, propane tanks, and a solar power array supply all of their utilities. The pair of them hunt and raise chickens and rabbits.  They also have a garden for food but, the deal I adore most is their wood-burning stove. They use it to keep them nice and cozy all Winter season long. In the Winter season, the solar power won’t produce as well, and besides proper heating systems use a lot of electricity. However, their property also has an abundance of trees so, they get plenty of firewood to maintain the wood-burning stove to keep their cabin toasty warm. I wished our area reached freezing enough for a wood burning cast iron stove. It barely gets chilly enough to fire up the electric furnace for even a week every year. I also don’t have access to all the free firewood like my sibling and her hubby do. However, I suddenly discovered fake wood-burning stove like space heating systems sold nearly everywhere.  They look entirely similar to the real thing. These decorative area heating systems run on electricity and have a truly fake looking flame. I know they won’t ever compare to the real thing. There is just no way to get that smokey stink, real flame appearance, and fire-hot heat of the real wood-burning stove into a plastic box. But some of them have these little grated doors and all that. That might be as far as I can get to a having real wood-burning stove where I am.

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