I don’t exercise alone

Last month the a/c in our van stopped now working. This wouldn’t normally be a immense problem for me, since I entirely enjoy riding around neighborhood with our windows rolled down and the sunroof open. However, the temperatures around here this summer time have been absolutely ridiculous. The two of us have had record-splitting heat waves for the past month and so riding with the windows down for a cool breeze just isn’t cutting it. I think that the reason our a/c conked out in the van is because both of us have been running it at full blast for the past moth… Every single time our kids and I get into the car, both of us immediately reach for the thermostat buttons up front and both of us turn the temperature all the way down to maximum cold. The two of us love to suppose the frosty a/c air blowing through the ventilation ducts at us throughout the van when the temperatures outside are so smelling hot. It’s like being in our own little air conditioned section pod and zooming through the heat in our lodge full of cold. Well, our lodge full of frosty is no more, now that our a/c died on myself and others last week. I called the local mechanic to see if he had the parts I need to fix the a/c, but he said that he’d have to order something in order to get the condenser fixed, whatever that means! I can’t wait until they call myself and others with the news that they have the stuff I need to get our van a/c now working again! It’s much too tepid without it!