I don’t understand this

My girlfriend Betty moved in with me last Spring. And she has been costing me a bundle in energy bills. I try to save energy, but impossible with her around! Betty would lower the control on the HVAC unit and nearly blow up the cooling system having the window opened too. I’d point out that the cool air was flying straight out the window, and she’d explain that she appreciates the combination of fresh air and air conditioner. Once the heat and humidity of Summer arrived, I was excited to operate the cooling system. I was unwilling, but, to leave the cooling system blasting while we were both at work. No matter how many times I reminded Betty to bump up the control unit thermostat before heading out the door, I’d come apartment to a freezing cold apartment.  Now, the outside temperature is down in the teens plus the situation is even worse. Betty would like to run the heating plan at maximum capacity at all times. Whether we’re at home, at work or sound asleep, she has the control unit cranked up to the point that I’m hot. I often catch her opening a window to let in some fresh air. I really need to go my way once this lease is up. I can not stand living with her any longer! It’s ridiculous!

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