I don’t want to mess with things

My HVAC is so inefficient that I was forced to buy a ton of ceiling fans.  When I rented my apartment, the landlord told me to never call him about the air conditioner because it had supposedly just been cleaned and given a proper tune up, so it works great he said.  Well, something is wrong and I want to call him. This thing can’t cool my apartment effectively. At the moment, the lowest I can get the temperature to drop is 75 degrees. I like the air to stay at 73 and that just won’t happen.  The system constantly cycles on and off throughout the day. I know it’s terribly inefficient and damaging to the motor, but I’ll take whatever little bit of AC I can get. The air conditioning got so weak that I invested in ceiling fans.  They are able to keep the cold air pushed down so it keeps the rooms cooler and when the AC isn’t on they’re better than nothing. Even with the HVAC and ceiling fan combination, I am sweltering in my tiny condo. This has to be enough reason to call the landlord; you don’t pay to live in a sweatbox.  There has to be something wrong with the entire system and I’m sure the statement about the tuneup before I moved in was a lie. This thing is old and dirty and needs an actual tuneup.