I enjoy the cool home

My dad is an HVAC provider in a quiet, little town in the midwest.  I have been going on-site with him since I was a little kid, and enjoying the quality time spent with him.  Now that I’ve graduated college, I’ll be officially joining him in the HVAC business. One thing that I’ve learned a great deal about these last few years is smart technology.  Increasingly, more home buyers are expecting their new home to be installed with as much smart technology as they can get, and the HVAC system is no exception. That’s where my role is in our growing HVAC business. I’ve been learning more about the new HVAC technology and will be in charge of ensuring that the new technology is incorporated into our HVAC business.  The HVAC industry is undergoing a technological revolution to keep up with the demand from builders and home buyers alike who want in on this smart home technology. These new HVAC solutions cut costs, help with efficiency, improve client satisfaction and helps to grow our HVAC customer base. One example of future HVAC is the motion-activated air conditioning system.  In other words, the A/C only kicks on when someone is present. Motion-activated air conditioners are just one way future HVAC systems will be more compact and portable. Yet, at the same time this future HVAC design will help consumers save energy and utility costs. There are other new HVAC designs that will become more real as the years go by, and I look forward to being a part of it all!

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