I feel the pressure

    When I graduated from college, my best friends and I decided to take a long road trip to celebrate. We always wanted to drive across the country, so we drove to the west coast. We had a great time stopping along to way at various scenic areas. We wanted to drive through the desert just to experience the hot and dry climate. It was extremely hot, but the view was absolutely gorgeous. We did have one pretty annoying complication though. While we were driving through the middle of the desert, we heard a funny noise and then suddenly the air conditioner in the car starting blowing hot air. It was over one hundred degrees and not a good time for the fan to quit working. We rolled down the windows, but we found that it was hard to hear each other talk, so that got old quickly. After two days of burning up in the car, we decided to stop and have a mechanic fix the air conditioner. It was going to take a couple hours to get the parts, so while we waited, we went out for brunch to a local diner. We found a nice cool place to sit underneath a fan, so we took our time soaking in the cool air while we ate. I don’t know that  I’ve ever put as much thought into how important an air conditioner really is until we ended up in the desert without one. After the mechanic fixed our air conditioner we commenced our journey towards the Grand Canyon. We soaked in the scenes and had the best time of our lives. I’ll never forget that experience. It was a fun trip even with the air conditioner problem. I don’t know if I’m cut out to live in the hot climate, but it sure was a nice change of pace.

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