I find that fascinating

I feel love almost everyone has a number one season, and for me it’s Summer. I love the heat and the warmth because I am consistently cold. The only disadvantage is that the boiling weather outside means that almost everyone has their cooling systems on full blast! I feel love I am the only person who doesn’t have their cooling system running always in the Summer. I will have my thermostat set to seventy-5 and I will still find myself pulling on a sweatshirt! In the Winter season, but, my gas furnace needs to be on all the time in order for me to stay comfortable. Because the charges get so much higher in the Winter season though, I try to keep my gas furnace off as long as I can. I find myself always bundling up in jackets and blankets and hoodies just to stay comfortable. Finally, it will hit a point in the day where I can’t take it anymore. That’s when I will turn the gas furnace on to the mid seventies. Then I will see my electric bill at the end of the month and be mad at myself and my bad tolerance for the cold. I am so thrilled it’s Summer right now. Not only do I not need to rely on my Heating and A/C unit as much, although I can entirely save some money because my utility bill is that much lower throughout the entire season. It’s just another reason why Summer is my number one season. I don’t guess I could ever move up north. I could never be in a locale where the majority of the year is spent suffering through the Winter season weather.