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It had been one of those extremely humid Summers where it just seemed to get hot and hotter every afternoon. It was the sort of weather where it was all the talk for older guys over coffee at the local coffee shop. And of course, on the warmest afternoon so far that season, the central Air Conditioning at my house stopped working completely. The unit located outside would not start up. I called up a local HVAC repair service and in no time a maintenance van was parked in my driveway. After he checked out this and that, the serviceman gave me the bad news, he said that the compressor on the A/C unit I had needed to be replaced. He explained that this was part of the outside component and was one of the first things that can go wrong with aging Air Conditioning systems. The compressor is the component that forces the refrigerant through the coils of the component and when air passes over the cool it coils and an Air Conditioning is born!  He had what was necessary in his van and quickly started to work to replace the compressor. I was rather curious so I watched over his shoulder for a few hours then realized that I was likely making him concerned so I went back in the house. Within a couple of hours he had the compressor changed out and I could hear the return of the familiar humm from the outside component. The serviceman and I could feel the cool air coming from the air vents and cooling down the entire house. The HVAC worker told me that compressor work was one of his most frequent problems. The best news was that it was cheaper for me to replace the compressor than to have to replace the whole unit. Here’s to a enduring a long, hot however cool inside Summer!

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