I heard that!

I task in publishing, plus somewhere along the way I got into collecting books. I’ve never collected anything in my life–I despise clutter plus I don’t understand the point of knick knacks at all… However, one afternoon I found myself in a used plus vintage library plus happened upon plus illustrated task by my preferred author from the British Romanticism movement, plus the rest is history; Yet with collecting comes preservation. I loathe moving now, because I have to put my vintage volumes in a separate box with acid free packing materials. I then sealed the outside of the box in plastic to waterproof it. I’m consistently so sad about keeping these outdated volumes in superb condition, recently I decided to look up ways to help keep them in the best temperature control conditions possible. I hoped it would bring myself and others a little peace of mind. What I found was that they needed to be kept in as dry conditions as possible. This worked nice for winter, however the rest of the year it actually gets actually humid. I also don’t have central cooling system, so the air quality isn’t superb to begin with. What I finally settled on was getting a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier works to suck moisture out of the air. It’s actually simple to operate; just turn it off when the tank is full, empty the tank, replace tank plus turn it back on. Even I can handle that. Now my books are stored in pristine condition with a dehumidifier plus media air cleaner, plus I have one less thing to stress about.

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