I love how the sun feels

The interview I have scheduled for Monday is looming on my mind and I’m considering skipping it.  Even though I had been looking for a teaching job for seven months, the job I have now is online even if it doesn’t pay very well.  It allows me to set my own hours, travel, and work as little or as often as I would like. I genuinely love it and I am not even sure I want to be a teacher anymore.  But still, I scheduled the interview and feel like I should go. The central reason I want to skip it is the grueling heat! My thermostat says outside temperatures have been 90s most days.  And if I want to look professional, I have to wear clothes designed for 50 degree weather. Just thinking about the long shirt and long pants I’d have to wear makes me realize I can’t fathom wearing it to my car.  I’d have to rely on my car’s AC to keep me as cool as possible on the way there, throw on the clothes when I arrive, and then pray the school has cold air conditioning. If I couldn’t manage that I’d have to wear a short skirt and that’s not appropriate to wear to a job interview at a Christian school no less.  I kind of doubt they’d give me the job at that point. Just the process of it all sounds terrible. I would much rather sit at home in my bathing suit and work online while I do my thing in the comfort of indoor air conditioning.

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