I try to be creative

Every morning before light, my coworker and I are responsible for opening the local coffee shop. We serve a variety of flavors and roasts, but are the most famous for our store version of coffee. We also serve a best selling danish, as well as twenty different varieties of pastry. We have never had any concerns opening the store on time, until last week that is. That particular morning, my coworker and I had arrived at four in the morning to prep for the morning rush, and found out the heater was not working. It was freezing inside the building and about twenty degrees outside. I could not feel my hands and did want to take off my sweater. We tried to do as much prep as possible, while we just hoped the heating system needed time to warm up. But even with the coffee pots running, the inside temperature  was still only 52 degrees. I decided to call the owner of the store, hoping he would call the furnace repair center. He didn’t answer the phone, and I called about twenty times. I finally decided to keep the closed sign on; a lot of folks were upset, but we couldn’t seat patrons in these conditions. Since we couldn’t reach the owner, we waited until seven to open. When the sun came up, things started to warm up. The owner finally called back at noon, but the heat still wasn’t running. When I told him that we opened late due to the heating issue, he decided to call a furnace repair shop.

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