I’m feeling very lucky

I travel a lot for work. Though most people take planes, truthfully, I hate flying because I get air sick. So, what I normally do is take trains across the country on company trips; I go the upper class rate, because even though it costs more, it gives me comfort on those week long journeys. Then the last train I took was this past summer season, plus it was hotter than a gas furnace outside! I was really thankful that the train had entirely great quality air conditioning! I had one of those sleeper cars. In the sleeper car it was even better than out in the typical section of the train. The air conditioning felt great. So great, I almost thought it was Fall or Winter! There was something about this air conditioning that was unusual from your general air conditioning you would have at lake lake house with a brand new plus current heating plus cooling system. This had a purified air kind of feel, and you would think that on a train, it would be murky. But not on this train it wasn’t! I was really ecstatic with this one identifiable  train company. Not many trains I had been on in the past had top quality air conditioning that had a form of air purification going on with it. Who knows what kind of system they were running in there! All I do know, is I would like to be able to have a heating and A/C system like that for my house. I think they have those A/Cs with the air purification systems. However, I don’t think anything would compare to this. It must be some kind of commercial industrial heating and cooling system of some sort. Again, who knows, however I want one! I look forward to next time on this train.

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