Indoor comfort tips

I feel like everyone has a favorite season. For me it’s summer. I love the heat and the warmth because I am always cold. The only downside is that the hot weather outside means that everyone has their air conditioners on full blast! I feel like I am the only person who doesn’t have their air conditioner running constantly in the summer. I will have my thermostat set to seventy-five and I will still find myself pulling on a sweatshirt! In the winter, however, my heater needs to be on all the time in order for me to stay comfortable. Because the charges get so much higher in the winter though, I try to keep my heater off as long as I can. I find myself constantly bundling up in sweaters and blankets and hoodies just to stay comfortable. Finally, it will hit a point in the day where I can’t take it anymore. That’s when I will turn the heater on to the mid seventies. Then I will see my electric bill at the end of the month and be mad at myself and my poor tolerance for the cold. I am so glad it’s summer right now. Not only do I not need to rely on my HVAC equipment as much, but I can actually save some money because my utility bill is that much lower throughout the entire season. It’s just another reason why summer is my favorite season. I don’t think I could ever move up north. I could never be in a place where the majority of the year is spent suffering through the winter weather.

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