It is so hot in here

Back growing up I lived in a trailer with my pop and my mom. Mom regularly worked outside all afternoon, however then coming home from working outside in the yard, but every one of us had to have air conditioner! Just as a normal house now a days, all of us had central air conditioner. Without an air conditioner, I don’t think our Mom would have made it working in the tepid hot sun all afternoon and coming home to a house with no air conditioner, but air conditioner is a huge part of living and your health.  Especially for our father and mom. As for me I was just a child and didn’t understand what our pop had to go through to get us a cooling system working, my father worked genuinely hard to receive all the extra overtime he could to fix our cooling system, more so for my mom. Eventually, all of us did get our cooling system back up and running after not having it a while, however for those weeks that all of us were without a cooling system it was genuinely pressing, however you could tell it was taking a toll on our pop. To this day, I now understand how our father felt when he had to work every afternoon and do all the overtime he could to help his family. I absolutely feel for the people out there that can’t afford a cooling system or to fix their cooling system. My heart goes out to them all the way.

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