Making a cooler environment

There is this aisle in the current home improvement stores that I have fallen in like with.  It’s fairly recent to stores plus it’s the one with all the “smart” household gadgets. Lights, temperature, cameras, you name it; it can now all be controlled by the touch of your cell phone.  The system of controlling the heating and cooling thermostat via my cell phone is honestly appealing to me; I see so multiple uses for this ability. My partner regularly raises the temperature on our cooling system when he leaves for work.  This is not a concern since every one of us leave roughly at the same time each day. However, I get back to the beach house much earlier than he does. I would like to walk into a beach house after work that is either cool or warm, depending on my preference.  I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to make this adjustment to my heating and A/C unit. The “smart” isle in the store makes it look so easy. My other reason is somewhat nefarious–see, I have a teenager that appreciates to sleep into the day. I have never had the occasion to experiment with heating and cooling the home to an unbearable condition since I would be there too.  With a smart thermostat, I could rest at my desk in my cool office area plus by noon have my beach home heated to ninety degrees in July. Would that wake a teenager? I have heard that cooler temperatures help induce sleep, so I’d stay away from making it cooler on the smart thermostat. I wonder if a heating and A/C repair professional has any experience with this?