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My roommate plus best neighbor absolutely enjoys dogs, however she’s been allergic to them for a absolutely young age. Fortunately, we’ve found a way to live together the helps keep some of his symptoms at bay. Since both of us live in the northeast, most houses plus apartments here don’t have any kind of central A/C. It’s absolutely chilly here much of the year, so both of us don’t need it. Then however, that also means our houses don’t have a built-in air cleaning plan with AC filters to help keep the air clean. Fortunately, I’ve found a way to help relieve some of his symptoms with a whole room media media air cleaner. I bought a easily nice air purification plan that uses HEPA air filters–itcan clean a section that has even more square footage than our living room… The air filters can trap everything from dust to pollen, plus pet hair and dander. Our media air cleaner works so well that our roommate can finally do what he’s regularly wanted to do plus adopt a dog of his own! He still has to take his prescription medicine if he hugs one of the dogs and plays on the floor. However otherwise he hardly ever needs his medication anymore. Now both of us live together with two dogs plus he couldn’t be happier. The two of us like to curl up and have a drink after a long shift at work, give them their favorite rope toy, and play tug-o-war around the home like lunatics for a few minutes… And the dogs are best friends, just like us.

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