Recovery of your information

My husband, Philip, recently accepted a new job.  He is now working for a hospital collection firm in our local city.  He’s learned that a great many people can not pay their large amount of hospital bills after surgery or extended hospital stays. My husband, Philip drives around to people’s homes, all over the city.  His job is to help them get their bills paid one way or another. One of the complications that he deals with is the HIPAA risk assessments and HIPAA assessments for all these former patients. According to Philip,   taking care of the HIPAA risk assessments and HIPAA assessments is the worst part of the job. It is especially challenging, time consuming and tedious. Philip doesn’t mind spending most of his day driving around to meet up with all of the patients, or even conducting interviews inside their homes.  However, these homes are sometimes dirty or in risky neighborhoods. He is fine with the entire job other than the massive amounts of paperwork necessary in HIPAA assessments. He needs to maintain patient confidentiality agreements on the up and up. We have become aware of a lot of breaches in confidentiality in recent years.  This is why Philip is required to be especially careful and completely thorough when handling patient information. I realize it is crucial to follow such steps to protect patient data as it pertains to HIPAA laws and practices, since the legal ramifications for neglecting HIPAA risk assessments can be dire and lead to a major financial impact on a hospital or a business.

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