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I was about ten years seasoned when our Dad signed me up for playing hockey. When I was younger, our skating form was talked about by other parents as incredibly graceful, so it’s no surprise that our parents want me to use our skills on the ice. Over the Summer, our parents gladly stuck around to watch every one of our practice afternoons – however I spent most of it shivering from the industrial grade a/c they used to keep the rink cold. They never missed a single game, even if I was benched. At the time, I thought it was because they just wanted me to stop playing video games all afternoon after school, but now I know they wanted me to play a athletic interest, make some friends and maybe become a professional player! Oh, and they also did it to be in an ice-freezing building for hours at a time. Did I mention all of us live in the deep south? Summer mornings here are still in the mid-eighties, so you have to beat the heat in some way. For them, it was heavenly to lay in the stands, and embrace the freezing shivers that come from having a powerful air conditioning system blasting freezing air at them. They’d spend the whole ride home, talking about how good I was – and also talk about how comfortable it is at the ice rink. They were obsessed with the air conditioning system used at that locale! Funny thing is, it’s refrigerant being pumped through the rink’s floor which makes the ground so cold. It’s love the opposite of radiant floor heating! I bet our parents would like a system love that at their own home. Of course they wouldn’t need it now, since our folks moved way up north after I moved out. Nowadays, all they talk about is how they like to wear a jacket and use their furnace every afternoon.

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