That’s pretty bad

Recently, I was looking to get into a new job–the job I had just wasn’t doing me any good. It was really daunting to get up and go into that workplace everyday. I seriously dreaded every single minute of it. One afternoon, I came into some currency from winning a local lottery. Not a whole lot to make me rich or anything…but it was enough to where I wouldn’t have to job for a whole year! So I used this chance to just quit that terrible company and go to university for a new job. I chose the heating and air conditioning industry. During the evenings, I would attend a college that taught everything on heating and cooling careers. This covered everything from sales, to repair, to even the latest in heating and air conditioning technology. It was something I was honestly enjoying! The greatest aspect of it all was, that within the year I could have my degree and become a certified heating and cooling maintenance specialist! So this is just what I did. It was perfect. This was just last year. I finished my final class a few weeks ago, took the test, and starting tomorrow, I will now be a certified heating and cooling repair specialist! I got an interview with a local heating and cooling company here in town. What helped is I knew the owner’s brother. The owner has honestly diagnosed my heating and cooling plan a few times over the years. So, imagine his surprise when he found out I was a certified heating and air conditioning specialist! He was more than overjoyed to hire me. I’m looking forward to my first job, and hope I can repair some heating and cooling systems here in town!