The guilt is building up

Something unexpected happened while on my way to work the other morning. The air conditioner in my newly purchased truck stopped working completely. I have a fairly long commute to my job, so it was a nightmare to say the least. By the time I made it to my office I was covered in sweat and my nice clothes were ruined. On my break for the day, I called the dealership I bought the truck from to tell them that its air conditioning system was already having issues. They told me to bring it in on my next day off. I was kind of nervous that I wouldn’t be able to depend on this truck since it was already a pain. Still, I headed to the dealership the next week. The mechanics were able to find out what was causing the air conditioning system issue, however they said that the repair was going to require them to order a new part that wasn’t in stock. It seemed like my luck was just about out. I was dreading the thought of having to drive to work without an air conditioner so I asked the mechanic if there was anything they could do to get a rental car while I awaited the repair. Thankfully, the warranty package I had bought covered all of that with no extra cost. Meaning, I was able to use a rental car that had a fully functioning AC for the next few weeks. After a bit, the part came in and the air conditioner was back to normal function. I’m going to hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come with my new truck.

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