The house is a lot better

My mom and dad had an older home and were looking to improve their HVAC system. This was because some rooms just didn’t get heated or cooled enough. So I suggested a ductless mini split system with zone control. The install is self-explanatory for the HVAC crew as only a small hole is needed to the outside and no air duct needs to be installed.  The wall units can be used for cooling or heating and the cost is much less than having a complete heating and cooling system installed in an old house. My father was intrigued by the suggestion but our mother wanted to know how soon it could be installed. In just a few weeks, I received a call from our mother who was very excited to be sitting in a room that was never comfortable before plus she was totally comfortable. I was a genius according to her. But I recognize mothers are a bit partial occasionally, then my parents were now able to use some of the rooms that were just closed off before because they were just not comfortable to be in. They even invited friends and family to come and visit and stay in the newly improved rooms, however at one point I wasn’t sure that our parents had not opened a bed and breakfast in their house as there were so many people coming to visit.  

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