The problems here keep getting worse

My grandfather died more than nine years ago, but our grandma has been great living on her own! At first, my wife and I were anxious about this, but everything was being kept up with. But finally, about a year ago, we started to notice things deteriorating. I first noticed the mail was piling up in the mailbox. When I asked about it, grandma seemed really confused. After that, I started to notice other things. We tried to get her to move in with us, but she was too fond of her independence. I worried about her health and safety constantly. One evening last week, she called us quite calmly explaining that she thought the furnace was on fire due to the amount of smoke coming from it. I told her to get out of the house and called the fire department. Immediately thereafter, I called the neighbor and told him to keep on eye on grandma until I could get there. Once I did arrive, the fire department was already there. Inside the house, the firefighters were looking for the furnace and grandma pointed them to it. The firefighter came back out of the house carrying the toaster oven. He said that grandma believed it was the furnace and the actual furnace was completely fine. At this point, we decided to talk to grandma again about moving in with us. This was an excellent reason.    

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