The weather is very similar here

Every afternoon on my way to work I stop at my neighborhood coffee shop. I order the exact same thing everytime too. Before I can get in the shop good, the baristas know to get me a large iced coffee and a croissant. I couldn’t fathom a day without these two things! However, last week my entire schedule was interrupted by a period of warm weather as well as an Air Conditioner outage! Once the rapidly rising temperatures started to reach the nineties, a lot of people were forced to run their cooling systems much more than normal and I think this went for the coffee shop as well. I thought this because when I went in to have my drink, the store was hot and stale, and there were no other customers inside! After placing my usual order I asked the woman who regularly helps me what was going on. She told me that the Heating and Air Conditioning repairman was so backed up that it would take him a few afternoons until he could service their Air Conditioner. I worried prematurely that the soda shop would suffer and I insisted on going there each afternoon until the unit was working.. Although I didn’t sit and enjoy my breakfast like I normally did, I still needed my caffeine fix and also my croissant. After all, those things just wouldn’t be the same any place else! After awhile the A/C was finally mended, and I was able to go on with my normal routine. I was satisfied, and I’m certain the staff and other loyal coffee drinkers were too!

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