This air feels amazing

Living in florida can be bad if you are more of a cold guy. In that case, I wouldn’t propose coming to FL. In FL, you must make sure you’re air conditioning is in great condition, because you will have some days where it’s so warm outside all you want to do is stay inside in the air conditioning. As for heating well, you don’t normally use your oil furnace as much as you’re air conditioning, because here in FL when it’s Christmas morning it’s normally 74-80 degrees with small cold winds; No need to even turn your oil furnace on, the small breeze doesn’t recognize cold, but it’s just enough to keep you feeling comfortable, with using you’re air conditioning consistently all throughout the year it’s important to have your air conditioning yearly checked to make sure everything is honestly working respectfully with no leaks, but yearly air conditioning inspections help with your light bill. Since you’re consistently running the air conditioning, your light bill might be a little high. Especially if you’re air conditioning is leaking you can expect your bill to be higher. Always take precautions plus keep your house checked yearly. You will thank me later.