This heater doesn’t work

Big decisions always stress me out. Then I hate spending a whole lot of money on something that is not fun… Car repairs, plumbing repairs or getting a new appliance is always a downer. I also don’t appreciate buying something unless I have prior knowledge on it. My heating and A/C unit recently quit on me plus I need a new unit. I know nothing about heating and cooling. I guess what I had before was a forced air system, do I get that again? I learned online all my possibilities in the heating and A/C field plus it is overwhelming. I never realized that there are so many types of heating and cooling methods. However just for heating you can have a oil furnace powered by electric, oil or gas;.You also could do a fireplace instead. There are also boiler systems, radiant floors plus even heat pump systems that supply heating too. Then for A/C, you can have central A/C that uses HVAC ducts. There is also ductless mini splits that can be used in zones. There is also high velocity A/C that uses HVAC duct, only it is smaller. It is entirely intimidating trying to option the plan for my home. I entirely don’t care. I just want heating and cooling. I don’t care if it uses HVAC duct or not. I don’t care if it is gas, electric or oil. Yet, I know that I should research more before I spend a ton of money on something that might not task for me. The last thing I want is to get a heating and A/C unit that is wrong for my region or home.