This house is honestly gorgeous

My neighbor, who is also a great friend, lives just a couple of blocks away from me, and we are always visiting each other. We’ve been friends since our college days, and are just as close now. At least four days a week we hang out together, and we always have the best time doing it. His friendship means a lot to me, and yesterday he really saved me from having to deal with a taxing situation. I returned to my lake house after work to find that my air conditioning system wasn’t functioning properly, so I went ahead and hired an HVAC worker to fix the situation. When they told me they were so backed up that it might take up to four days for them to come to my place, I blew my lid. Summer had arrived, and the temperatures were in the nineties on the worst days. I knew I would not last in my lake house without air conditioning for that long, but to my delight, my neighbor said his air conditioner was working perfectly. He offered up his spare bedroom for me to stay in while I waited for my HVAC unit to be repaired by the technician. I’m so ecstatic that he let me do that because I would have been in big trouble otherwise. When my air conditioner was finally back up and running, I made a fancy dinner to repay my neighbor for his gesture. I’m being serious when I say that it would have been horrible without a cooling system, since summers in the south are no joke. I usually do my best to stay away from the heat by all means possible when it’s at its hottest, which means that having a working air conditioner is imperative.

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