This is a great A/C unit

We have a house full of stinky things. Since we have four kids, there are always sweaty baseball socks, cleats, shoes, and stinky uniforms laying around. There’s also all kinds of lotion and hairspray and cologne and deodorant smells floating around our house because of our teenage daughter. On top of that, we have a dog, some lizards, a guinea pig, and a hedgehog. With all of these stinky things around, the indoor air quality in our house is not the best! Sometimes when the air conditioner kicks on and air starts blowing in through the air vents, the cooled air just smells bad to me. It’s like the stinky air just re-circulates throughout our house through the A/C. Sometimes it gets so bad that I just light a candle. What I really want to do, though, is open up all of the windows and let fresh air into the house. I really don’t know what to do about the stinky air problem that we’re having. I’ve decided that I might as well just call our local HVAC company and set up an appointment for them to come out and clean our air conditioning unit and all of our vents professionally. Maybe the stench will finally go away if they clean and scrub all of our heating and air conditioning vents. I think I might even ask them if there’s a special way that they could put an air freshening system into our A/C. Maybe there’s some kind of commercial grade air freshener they can attach to our unit so I can get this stench out of my house!

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