This is bringing a lot of benefits

Large office buildings normally have trouble keeping track of huge integrated systems like temperature management.  When our company wanted to go green, they forwarded a memo to all executives for ideas. My partner was working as a systems analyst for integration software maker downtown.  They specialize in upgrading building management systems! I suggested that our company have our temperature control method monitored to save money. The temperature control method works in various ways to save the company money. First, the temperature control method is set with particular modes, then each mode offers its own unique temperature variations. The particular modes correspond to a particular temperature need within our building.  Occupancy mode sets our entire temperature automation plan to a temperature of 70 degrees, and a relative humidity of 13%. At night, when the building is closed, the temperature control method switches to sleep mode. This consists of shutting down the Heating & Air Conditioning method to the bare minimum. An analytics team can then use the collected data to help find other ways for saving on energy consumption. When I pitched the plan to the board, they seemed thrilled with my initiative. They sounded entirely interested, and I got a call a few afternoons later. The board asked me to provide a complete presentation on this energy saving idea, as well as told me to make it the number one priority. I’ve been working hard on the plans all week as I know this might be a huge opportunity for me.  If the board is enthusiastic with the ideas, it could perhaps result in a huge promotion as well as a steep raise.

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