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My friend James does nothing but complain lately. This occurs every summer when the temperatures begin to rise and the humidity gets out of control. I’ll even try avoiding talking to him because I get exhausted by hearing about his problems. If I happen to see him at the farmer’s market, I hurriedly go to the next lane to avoid hearing about how much his life has been awful lately. James and his wife live in an older cottage without any kind of air conditioning or heat. I’m actually not sure why it can’t be installed. I was told that they have a boiler in addition to baseboard heating, so their home is free from ductwork. Last week I was hoping that the issue would resolve when they finally obtained a window unit for their dining room, but this was not the case. James then started to whine that the noise of the unit as well as his wife’s snoring was keeping him up at night. However, he admitted that the cool air felt nice even though he had to lay awake most nights because he couldn’t get any peace with all of that noise. I recommended that he contact my personal HVAC company to see what solutions they could conjure up for them. Surely, there has to be some sort of technology on the market that runs quietly while working efficiently in older cottages. I don’t know what can be done about his wife’s snoring, though. I hope he takes my advice and can find the perfect HVAC unit to fit their cottage.

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