This weather is out of control

When you’re used to residing in the chilly weather and you move it can be a major shock to your system. Honestly, the weather conditions there was so chilly that we never had any kind of a/c in the old home I grew up in, but we didn’t have a central air unit, plus we didn’t even need a window a/c! We all were mainly worried about the heating and how we were going to stay warm, since the temperatures in the Winter season usually got down to the single digits at night – plus sometimes in the afternoon too! When I got married to a man from the southern area of the country, both of us decided to live down there close to his family. Boy, was that a culture shock for me! Everything was so bizarre from what I was used to, plus that included the burning tepid hot temperatures that southerners have to endure on an almost yearly basis. Where I was used to Winter season temperatures for many weeks a year, my husband was used to extremely tepid hot temperatures almost year round. I had to really get used to using an air conditioner plus trying to get my new home to be chilly on purpose! Now, both of us almost don’t ever need to use our oil furnace… My Heating plus air conditioning system needs have completely switched around. Isn’t that crazy? Life can be so mysterious sometimes, ya know!

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