Very efficient air conditioning

A few months ago I made the personal decision to go back to graduate school for a masters degree. Before I was able to apply to my school’s program, I had to take a standardized test battery that would determine if my reading and math skills were current enough to get me through grad school. I took practice tests and spent a good amount of time reading because I knew that the test would be tough, especially because it was timed. To prepare for test day, I made sure to dress coolly, but bring a light jacket in case the testing room was chilly. On the day of the test, I wore those cooler clothes and went in to take my test. As soon as I stepped inside the testing room, the my stomach knotted as their A/C was hitting me like a ton of bricks. Even though it was summer, the inside of the the exam room felt like the arctic! I put on the light jacket I brought in with me, but it wasn’t much to warm me up. Throughout the duration of the test I was shivering, and it was impossible to concentrate on the test. With the little bit of time I had to take the exam, this was a serious problem. When I got home, I emailed and complained to the exam center about their facility. They said they have to keep their A/C on high for other’s comfort, but there wasn’t anyone there that day that seemed comfortable. I ended up getting the grade I needed to get into grad school, but I know I would have done much better on the test had the room been a tolerable temperature.