Warm air outside

These days, I live all by myself. Don’t get me wrong, this is the way I like things to be! I used to live with roommates back when I was going to college. Those were some of the worst times. I mean, it wasn’t all terrible but my roommates and I would argue often. While I felt the lot of them were a bunch of slobs that didn’t care about cleaning up after themselves, the largest issue was the use of the HVAC system. Every time I would get back home from work, I would find that they had the air conditioning unit blasting away when no one was even home. Whenever my roommates would leave they would always forget to shut off the HVAC system! I thought that was such a huge waste of electricity, especially when I seen the energy costs! I yelled at everyone that they better remember to shut off the HVAC unit when they leave the house, or they were going to pay a higher portion of the utility bills! They listened for a little while, but later on they started forgetting to turn off the HVAC unit again. I would be so mad and would adjust the thermostat so we weren’t wasting too much, and there were plenty of times when I liked to just open the windows to allow for a cool breeze to come through the house. While I loved doing that and saving money on the energy costs, my roommates didn’t like to go days without the air conditioning blasting away. They would even have the air conditioning blasting when it wasn’t even that hot outside. I learned early on that I didn’t like living with other people. These days I control everything on my own and have no troubles in the least!

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