We should make a switch in policy

I am always cold when I go into a movie theater. No matter what, I will always forget to bring a sweater during the summer months. It’s so hot outside, I never think about needing something to keep warm. I always forget that the heat outside means that indoor areas have their air conditioners on full blast to combat it. This always works against me, as I am naturally cold enough as it is. I can never focus on the movies I see because I am spending my time in there trying to keep warm. While I’m in the theater, I think my lesson has been learned. With the feeling of the cold air conditioned air breezing over me, I tell myself over and over again to bring a sweatshirt next time. Then, the same thing will happen the next time, where I forget a sweatshirt or wrongly convince myself that I don’t need it. Well, the last time I went to the movie theater, I actually remembered to bring a sweatshirt! I was so proud of myself for remembering to bring one along with me. It was a true moment of triumph. I met up with my friends and was actually excited to take a step into the movie theater. The lobby had its air conditioning on full blast, so I was freezing, and I happily threw my sweatshirt on. No goosebumps for me this time. Little did I know, my reason for not being cold in the theater had little to do with the fact that I brought something to keep me warm. When we stepped into the theater itself, I noticed it wasn’t cold at all. In fact, it was a bit warm in there. I sat down in my seat and took my sweatshirt off. For a while, I was in shock. I had never been into a movie theater that wasn’t frigid before. I even began to wonder if there was something wrong with their air conditioning. After a few moments, I became frustrated. The one time I remembered to bring a sweatshirt, I didn’t even need one! Right when I had learned my lesson, I didn’t know if there was a lesson to learn in the first place. Now I’m just looking at weather I’ll be warm or cold at the movies like playing the lottery. I never know when an establishment will have their air conditioning on full blast or not.

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