We’re having some trouble here

During the winter weeks, the weather around here can get icy cold, as well as treacherous! It’s not uncommon for the snow to pile up several feet high, and last December was among the worst. Due to the weather, my teens were out of school most of the time.  We had snow storm after snow storm, with no seeming end. With icy conditions as well as freezing rain, the schools would stay closed for a few days every week. Fortunately, I work from home. I can be here with the kids, if they end up being home all day. They spent ten days stuck at home in December; I was ready to pull my hair out of my head! Since it was cold outside, they could not go outdoors to run off steam. They were arguing as well as fighting constantly, and  one day, I heard a loud bang followed by a loud oops. I walked into the study room, to find the space heater knocked over on its side. There was a puddle of liquid on the floor, clearly from the space heater. Whatever liquid came from the space heater stunk terribly and would not come out of the carpet. I was angry with the kids for causing such a mess. Luckily, the section furnace still worked just fine. I scrubbed the floor with every cleaner in the house, but nothing worked. I had to call a professional carpet cleaning dealer to remove the oily stain from our study room carpet. I can still see a faint circle of oil on the carpet. It is a physical reminder that the youngsters cannot be left alone for more than a few hours.

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