We’re very okay with zone control

I went for many years without having air conditioning in my home. It doesn’t get too overly hot here in the north, so that’s why. But I felt it was time to get that new up-to-date HVAC system. The box fans we had were noisy, ugly, and stirred up a lot of dust. Although our warm season season in this section tends to be far shorter than the Winter, we get some brutal humidity. The home gets so overheated plus sticky that it was difficult to relax or get a fantastic night’s sleep.  We were also having some troubles with mold and mildew growth because of excessive moisture. When I researched central a/cs I found that the make and model aren’t as important as the replacement procedures. If the a/c is oversized, it will cool the home down so quickly that it will fail to achieve peak efficiency plus dehumidification. Too small of a cooling device will run constantly, draw a ton of energy plus fail to meet expectations. I realized that I needed to find a trustworthy HVAC dealer to handle the task. Along with talking with friends, family plus neighbors, I read a ton of reviews online before finally choosing a dealer. The Heating plus A/C dealer backed his work with a 100%satisfaction guarantee and did a really good job for me.