What a ductless unit can do

Last month, our utility bill significantly increased but none of us could figure out why. Two of my roommates and I started going over everything, trying to identify what the problem was. It’s the middle of the Summertime, so the energy bills here are usually pretty low. And since no one has an A/C unit, there were no apparent suspects to speak of. Firstly, each one of us looked at our fans; we all have these absolutely nice, high-end floor fans that create adequately cooling air. So every one of us looked up their specs online and tried to figure out how much wattage they pulled to run. Even with us running them all the time, it wasn’t enough to explain for the bill increase. They’re still fans, and so they barely pull that much wattage at all. Every one of us inspected the whole home to make sure none of the lights were being left on, especially in the garage where we can easily forget to turn off the lights when taking out the trash. Still, there were no lights being left on. Finally, I printed out the entire digital bill to compare it to last month’s bill. I was wondering if maybe the price per kilowatt had gone up and I hadn’t noticed! But no, the bill definitely noted that the price had stayed the same; every one of us had simply used more electricity. Every one of us didn’t figure this out until one of us handed the mail off to our seventh roommate, which included a small package. It was a part to the new supercomputer he had finished several weeks ago to play with his friends online. The new laptop was so powerful it made the utility bill shoot up over fifty dollars.

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