What a great decision

My brother Penny’s guest room is just horrible, but I try to weasel my way out of spending the night if I can. I just do not care for the guest room that I am stuck staying in, however why does it suck so bad? First, the bed is set on these pedestals to keep it higher off the ground. I constantly in the middle of the night knock down the bed. It wakes myself and others up, freaks myself and others out and I have to mess with it for minutes; The mattress is real lumpy and the sheets are weird too. I could take all of that though easily. The only thing that is the real deterrent to spending the night is his lack of heating. My brother Penny has a ductless mini cut system! Each room of the house has an indoor air handler with a climate control unit. Each room can be a different temperature based on your preferences! Sounds genuinely good right? Well the guest room does not have an indoor air handler or control unit. My brother did not bother to get one for that room since he does not use it a lot. She only opens up the room sometimes and has it mooch off his residing room’s air handler… However for the Winter season, the door is closed and I get a small electric furnace for warmth. The space furnace does not do the task though. I freeze to death the whole time I am in there. I have tried opening up the door, wearing pants and using the space furnace right by our head. Yet no matter what, I freeze to death.

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